Tuesday, August 16, 2011

July Wedding

The weekend of July 17th my husband and I were in Cottonwood, Arizona for our friends wedding! What a FUN weekend we had! We spent a lot of time preparing for this wedding, since I was not only a bridesmaid but I was also making the cake! I am so thankful for my sweet husband who spent many hours with me, supporting me and telling me how great everything was coming along with the cake, I'm a bit of a perfectionist with my cakes, especially when they are for friends and family, I want everything to be flawless!

So Saturday after work, we packed up our little VW Beetle, I should say we stuffed it as full as it would go, because we also had to bring the wedding flowers with us and pick up my friend Valarie who was also a bridesmaid! Our car is absolutely fantastic, I don't care what Nick says about it. Anyways, after loading up and picking up Val, we embarked on our two hour journey to Cottonwood Arizona for a weekend of wedding fun!

The fun began the moment we arrived, immediately we joined in the rehearsal, all decked out in my sweat pants an heels! It was super fun! Then the wedding party headed in to town for some grub at a local pizzeria, the food was sooooo good! I might even be willing to make a special trip back just to partake in the goodness of that pizzeria, again... we shall see. After dinner we all headed back to the resort and stayed up way too late preparing for the wedding day!

The day of the wedding arrived and everything was perfect! I don't know how to describe how perfect it all was, so I will just show off the pictures! Enjoy!

Getting all prettied up so we look good :)

Me and Valarie

I LOVE this wedding cake, and yes, I made it!

Here is me and my handsome husband dancing the night away

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