Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Catching Up

It's been about six months since I have posted to our blog... shameful. Life has been so busy since Nick and I started our new jobs, we never seem to have any down time.

Nick is really enjoying his job, he works with good people and he is treated extremely well. I am so thankful for his job, not only has it been a huge blessing for Nick to be working full time, but his company is now paying for his schooling, yay! Thank you Device Engineering Inc. for being so generous.

Not only is Nick working full time, but he is going to school full time in the evenings, it stinks. As grateful as I am for his wonderful job and him being able to go to school, I miss my husband. The only time we get to spend together is on weekends... and of course, with my line of work, I work Saturdays. So we only get Friday and Saturday nights and Sundays. We will make it through the rest of this semester!

As for me, life is going well. I am working a lot and loving it, most of the time. I enjoy my job, but I will admit, sometimes I get tired and irritable and then work is a source of annoyance, it's natural, or so I have been told.....

I love my job.

I am happy to announce.... wait for it.... no we're not pregnant... why does everyone jump to pregnancy when a couple says they have an announcement??? Anyway, back to our announcement, we have submitted our pre-approval application to buy a home! WHOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! Hopefully the bank will get back to us soon so we can begin looking.

I do not know how to express the level of excitement both Nick and I are feeling when it comes to buying a place of our own... our own space... wow. Buying a home is an exciting thing. However, we have been living with my family for about a year now and we are SOOOOOO ready to have our own space... imagine, our own kitchen and living room, we'll have more than just a bedroom to call our own! I'm even looking forward to having my own space to clean, even though I don't like cleaning at my parents house. Strange.

I guess we don't have any other excitement going on in our lives right now... I'm sure something or other will happen and excitement will follow. But until then......


  1. Having that type of schedule is *so* hard! TJ and I did it for nearly a year and a half...you can do it! Good luck on buying a home :) That is so exciting!

  2. Congrats Ashley and Nick on the pre-approval application!!! I hope all goes well with the home and we can come visit sometime!

  3. Hurray! I know it will be awesome for you guys to have a place of your own. It can be difficult to have that many personalities in one house, especially when they're all adults. Even though you all love each other I'm sure it can be stressful.

    I won't try and compare my time living with mom and dad, since (1) it was way shorter than yours and (2) I was pregnant and super hormonal.

  4. Ashley!!! I'm so excited to hear you guys are in the home buying search!! So so fun. Nothing better than your own space!! Congrats. You'll have to keep me posted!!!!