Sunday, August 21, 2011

July Vacation

In July my husband and I had the delightful opportunity to spend 10 days in the White Mountains. Can I get a "woot woot?" Thanks. It came at a perfect time since Nick and I were in desperate need of a vaca.

On a Thursday evening we headed up to the Whiting Homestead for part one of our 10 day get away. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the Ernest Whiting Reunion. This was my first time to attend a Whiting reunion. Normally these reunions draw hundreds of people, since the Whiting family is quite large. This Reunion, however, ended up being much smaller since threat of fire kept us guessing until last minute, whether or not we would actually be able to go up north.

The Reunion was so much fun! I think the last time I went to a reunion was when I was 10 or so. So this was new experience for me! And it was great! We were able to spend 4 whole days with Nicks family, what a blessing it was too.

After four days we headed over to Pinetop/Lakeside for part two of our 10 day get away! We spent the next 6 days hanging out with my parents, siblings, and our nephews! It was a blast! However, I did become addicted to "angry birds" which was NOT the highlight of our trip, I seriously can't stop playing it. Technology, sheesh! Anyway, back to our trip.

The first day we wee able to spend with just my parents, since none of my sibings would be up until that evening. It was so nice to relax and enjoy the cabin. We had lot of fun watching movies, playing games and going for walks to the country store. I am already looking forward to next summer when we can do it again! I am also looking forward to next summer for the HUGE Whiting reunion we will be attending, and when I say huge, I mean it, like 800 people huge! Yikes!

A monsoon met us on our way to the reunion, doesn't the sky look gorgeous?!

We went exploring around the mountains near Greens Peak. It's so beautiful and peaceful here.

Here's Nick running with his hands up trying to scare some Elk so we could get photos of them running, Tina took those shots, and I took this one...

My hubs and I were driving around Sierra Trigo when we found some animal remains... I should say several animals remains... gross.

I had to include this shot of our truck, it looks good. :)

We hiked to the top of Sierra Trigo, I thought I was going to die. Nick's so great, he just kept encouraging me to keep going.

I realized after we got home that I didn't pull out my camera when we were at the cabin with my family. Oops. Hope you enjoy our trip as much as we did! 10 days went by WAY TOO FAST!

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