Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here's a bit of an update on what has been going on in our life since Nick's birthday!

In January we had the pleasure of joining the men (and Tarra!) from our Daniel family to Supercross!!! We had a blast and I am so glad Nick enjoyed the races as much as I did! You see, dirtbikes, quads, and racing are HUGE on my side of the family and I have always been told that the man I marry had better like them too... or it just wouldn't be right! I am happy to declare that my AMAZING husband, Nicholas Borden, enjoys dirtbikes, quads, and racing! He sure is a keeper!!!

Before the races started we hung out in the pits and checked out some cool booths and were able to walk around the racers trailers and even catch of glimpse of them if we looked hard enough, but neither of us really cared about meeting any of the racers so we just walked around and looked at RC cars and goggles and tires and lots of scantily clad women, ugh. Trust me, I WISH we could just X the cheap women out of supercross altogether, but I'm pretty sure the majority of the supercross followers would revolt and that would not end pretty... but WHY MUST they wear so little clothing?! It makes them look cheap! Don't they realize men only want them for their bodies and not what they have inside?! AHHH!!! Society kills me sometimes!

Anyways, thanks for letting me rant for a minute, now back to the FUN we had at supercross!!! Our adorable nephew David got to come this year and boy was he FUN to have with us. That little dude has so much energy and he just didn't want to sit still. He kept crawling across our laps back and forth from his Daddy to Grandpa. It was fun to spend the evening and night with our family doing something we normally wouldn't do.

It's been several weeks now since we went to the races, so I don't remember who won and I hope I don't offend my Daniel family when I say, I don't really care either. I'm just happy I could spend a fun evening with my wonderful husband and our family.

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