Monday, December 13, 2010

Time & All Eternity has Begun.....

We have been married now for almost 4 whole weeks! Wow! Time really has gone by fast and the details of our beautiful wedding day are beginning to slip away :( I wish our wedding day hadn't been so busy! I feel like we ran from one place to another and never had a chance to just sit back and admire the splendor of what was happening. We have been sealed for time and all eternity in the Temple of our Lord. What a beautiful and sacred blessing we have received. When I sit and think about the time leading up to our wedding and the time that has passed, I am amazed that four weeks have already gone by so fast and four weeks in to our engagement seemed to take forever. Although it seems time has been running away from us, we would not change one thing. We absolutely love and enjoy being married to one another, forever.

So much has been going on and we have so much to catch everyone up on... wedding pictures, and family pictures, both Nick's family and mine, fun married couple date nights, and not married couple date nights :) Christmas preparations and figuring out meal schedules along with our work schedules and feeling like we sometimes saw each other more when we were dating then we do now... married life is crazy!!! But we love it. We LOVE waking up to each other every morning and saying goodnight to each other before we go to bed and getting in the same bed instead of leaving each other at a door.

Married life is not what I ever expected it to be, I'm not sure how Nick feels about this topic, but even though it's not what I expected it to be it's wonderful and amazing and a fantastic learning experience that will last forever!

I want to focus on our wedding day now, just our wedding day! It was so much fun! The day started out great! I woke up early, I mean who can sleep in on the day they are getting married?! I was WAY TOO EXCITED to sleep any longer than I did. I had time to chat with my Mom and take a shower and relax on my bed in my room, for the last time. I had time to go to the salon and get my hair done and enjoy a nice chat with my cousin who did my hair, Thanks Karen! And I had time to eat breakfast and talk with my parents and do my friends hair and have my Mom put on my make-up. Then the stress set in...

You would think because I am woman that I would have been the one running behind and taking my time... no. When we were down to the wire, both my Mom and I were ready to load the cars, we needed to get to the Temple so I could get married to the love of my life, where do you think my Dad was??? Taking his time :) When we were finally in the cars and on our way my Dad realized he forgot his recommend and he had to go back to the house to look for it. Awesome! My Mom and I went ahead to the Temple and the whole drive I was thinking my Dad isn't even going to see me get married today, isn't that just great. Luckily he found his recommend and joined us at the Temple not long after we had arrived. And all was well once I saw my Nick and took a moment to enjoy his welcoming smile, he always knows how to help me calm down and I am so thankful for his sweet and patient love for me.

Our sealing was beautiful and of course I was crying like crazy! It's a good thing there were tissues and I had brought make up for touch ups or I would have looked like a hot mess for the rest of the day. Coming out of the Temple was surreal. There were so many people that I didn't know where to look or who was even there. Taking pictures with our family was so much fun! A little crazy too, but mostly fun. After pictures we headed to the our reception location. It was beautiful and simple and just as I had imagined it. Thank you to everyone who helped put it all together, it was absolutely perfect. I can't wait to get our pictures back so I can better remember what it looked like. I'm sad that I can't remember :(

Our reception was fun and busy! I never realized that the bride and groom dont really get to just sit and enjoy their reception. We were all over the place! Taking pictures and greeting guests and greeting more guests. It was fun and we definitely felt the love of so many people who came to wish us well. I am so thankful and happy to have married in to such a wonderful family.

Well, I know there aren't many details on here and for that I am sorry. I will try to do better in the future when I refer to our wedding day. All in all our wedding day was perfect and we are enjoying our new life together.


  1. Yay! Cute blog!!! Isn't it amazing that no matter how stressed out you are the morning of your wedding seeing your husband to be for the first time that morning makes it all melt away. I hope I never forget that feeling. I am so happy you love being married! It really is so amazing and it just gets better and better. We need to get together soon!!!

  2. I love your pictures! I am so happy that you love being married! I can think of nothing that means more to me then being with your dad for eternity!!! I still get a little teary eyed thinking about it.
    love you my little chicky, Mom