Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boom Boom Pow

We spent the weekend in Payson with Nick's brother, Brian, and his wife, Tina. We had so much fun! Nick, Brian, and Tina work for a fireworks company and they were putting on a show at the Thunder Mountain Biker Rally Friday and Saturday night. I wasn't able to go up for the festivities until Saturday so I spent Friday night with my girlfriends. It's a good thing I did too, anyone who knows me knows I get a little sad when I don't get to see my Nicholas, I'm a little dependant... I know, it's sad. But I love him and can't help it!

Anyways, I headed up to Payson Saturday morning to spend the day with the crew, which consisted of Brian, Nick and Tina... huge... I know. But we had an absolute BLAST, at least I did.

We spent some time walking around the rally checking out the booths and looking at exciting stuff like chaps and jackets... Brian and Tina really seemed to enjoy themselves, especially since they have a motorcycle. They really are so cool! I love them!

After a while we got tired and decided to walk over to the lake and take a rest. We pulled out a blanket and set up under a tree for a nice nap. It was so beautiful up there sitting next to the lake just staring at the tree's and feeling the very cool breeze as the wind blew past us. It was a perfect day, any day we spend together is perfect.

Unfortunately, we had to part ways for a while so Nick could help set up the fireworks, since I am not a part of the crew I am not allowed to be within a certain distance from the explosives themselves, so I waited on the opposite side of the bank watching the crew prep for the show. Luckily, there was a DJ across the street so I had some tunes to listen to and I played several games of solitaire on my trusty phone, a few of them I even won! Amazing!

Soon enough Nick came back to see me for a bit before the show was supposed to start. While we were enjoying the sunset, the DJ made an announcement, "I'm dedicating this next song to the young couple sitting by the lake..." we were the only couple sitting by lake... The song was interesting, the duet featured a man and woman singing about their love, and the man asks the woman, several times I might add, "Will you please marry me?..." Uh... it's a good thing we were already engaged or that would have been SUPER awkward. We both got a good laugh out of that moment.

The fireworks show was beautiful and I loved it! They always do such a good job! I am so proud of Nick and his many talents! He is amazing and I love him a whole barrel! But by the end of the show I was cold and tired and we were ready to head back home.

Thank you Brian and Tina for getting Nick involved with fireworks! Maybe one day I will join your crew too... maybe :)

Today is October 12 and we will be married in 39 days!!! Yay!

Forever, Nick & Ashley :)

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  1. You crack me up, Ashley!

    For a second there, I thought Nick had done something sweet like request a song for you, but then it sounded like it was coincidence. Was it total coincidence that the DJ decided to play you a slow song?

    Glad you guys had fun!